Luckly, we had a sunny day as we go to Aso Museum for the first day of our internship.  As espect, the guider there introduces us to all the member in the Aso Museum, one by one.  It is interesting but awkward because I don`t have a business card box!  The more name card I get, the more nerverous I am due to Japanese consider it important while exchange the name card.  If you don`t treat their name card well, it represents that you don`t care about them and you don`t respect them.  This may lead to lots of bad influence, so the best way is to prepare a good quality box for your name card and the name cards you will receive, making sure you know the rules of `exchanging the name card.
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The Valcano Museum is divided into three floor for visitors, ground floor is for information center and restaurant; history of Aso Valcano and how they did research on the valcano is on the second floor; finally, third floor where the guider told us to go to is always playing movie for the visito and you can go to the variant for enjoying the great view.  After watching a movie, we go down to second floor and absorbing the knowledge there.  I have to say that I am dizzy just before I finish watching all the information on the wall cause getting so much information is such a burdan.  

Yet, that`s ok cause they let us to have rest and take a look outside.  Such a grassland that link to the sky, I was shocked at the moment.  Even though the color of the grassland is different from mountain to mountain, it looks great and lets people fell relax at the time they stare at the grassland.  Not far away stood the valcano - which is still alive - which is not allowed to get close as it is too active these days.  In order not to cause any accident, the government says that no one could get close to the vacalno.
  What is interesting is I notice there are horses!  You can rent one for experiencing the horse riding, 7 minutes 1,500 Japanese yen.  If I have time, I will go there and give it a try.  

On the first day of our internship, they didn:t give us much to do.They teach us how to use paper  to fold kimono, whih means a lot for me as I haven`t touch folding paper ever since I graduated from elementary school.  One of the type they teach us is rabbit, the other one is kimono - which is the traditional cloth for Japanese.  I told the teacher that I had worn kimono once and showed him the picture, wanted to a paper with similar color with my kimono.  In the end, I got one piece of the paper with very similar color with my kimono, I think that I will keep it well to memorize all these nice people and work.  (The yellow one on the left is the one similar to mine.)

Right after we came back to Michi no Eki Aso, they bring us to the ice cream store and let us try it.  I was curious about why they say they are proud of the ice cream, is it so delicous as what they describe?  In the end, I got nothing to say but `I am proud of the ice cream which is made by Aso milk!`

 Student from Taiwan Tamkang University -  Linda - 2019.7.13 - Japan Aso