Luckly, we had a sunny day as we go to Aso Museum for the first day of our internship.  As espect, the guider there introduces us to all the member in the Aso Museum, one by one.  It is interesting but awkward because I don`t have a business card box!  The more name card I get, the more nerverous I am due to Japanese consider it important while exchange the name card.  If you don`t treat their name card well, it represents that you don`t care about them and you don`t respect them.  This may lead to lots of bad influence, so the best way is to prepare a good quality box for your name card and the name cards you will receive, making sure you know the rules of `exchanging the name card.
IMG_1246 (1)

The Valcano Museum is divided into three floor for visitors, ground floor is for information center and restaurant; history of Aso Valcano and how they did research on the valcano is on the second floor; finally, third floor where the guider told us to go to is always playing movie for the visito and you can go to the variant for enjoying the great view.  After watching a movie, we go down to second floor and absorbing the knowledge there.  I have to say that I am dizzy just before I finish watching all the information on the wall cause getting so much information is such a burdan.  

Yet, that`s ok cause they let us to have rest and take a look outside.  Such a grassland that link to the sky, I was shocked at the moment.  Even though the color of the grassland is different from mountain to mountain, it looks great and lets people fell relax at the time they stare at the grassland.  Not far away stood the valcano - which is still alive - which is not allowed to get close as it is too active these days.  In order not to cause any accident, the government says that no one could get close to the vacalno.
  What is interesting is I notice there are horses!  You can rent one for experiencing the horse riding, 7 minutes 1,500 Japanese yen.  If I have time, I will go there and give it a try.  

On the first day of our internship, they didn:t give us much to do.They teach us how to use paper  to fold kimono, whih means a lot for me as I haven`t touch folding paper ever since I graduated from elementary school.  One of the type they teach us is rabbit, the other one is kimono - which is the traditional cloth for Japanese.  I told the teacher that I had worn kimono once and showed him the picture, wanted to a paper with similar color with my kimono.  In the end, I got one piece of the paper with very similar color with my kimono, I think that I will keep it well to memorize all these nice people and work.  (The yellow one on the left is the one similar to mine.)

Right after we came back to Michi no Eki Aso, they bring us to the ice cream store and let us try it.  I was curious about why they say they are proud of the ice cream, is it so delicous as what they describe?  In the end, I got nothing to say but `I am proud of the ice cream which is made by Aso milk!`

 Student from Taiwan Tamkang University -  Linda - 2019.7.13 - Japan Aso

Hello, we are students from Taiawn Tamkung University, this year school offers us an opportunity to come to Japan - Aso city for intermship.  Within this month, we will work in Michi no Eki Aso, Volcano Museum and Asp Youth Center.  In the very beginning of our journey, one of the worker from Michi no Eki Aso brings us to go to several sightseeing places.
The very fist one - Aso Shrine - which is a very popular shrine in Aso.  It located in a relative close place to the city than Kokuzo Shrine, so many people go visit there.  This shrine was build in B.C. 281, so basically it has more than 2500 years history.  Thus, it not only is appointed by the government to be the must see scenery but also connect to many local festivals and events.

As we walk into the Shrine, the guider introduce how to wash our hand before visit the god.  First use your right hand to take the ladel with water, pour the water and wash your left hand, then, use your left hand to do the same thing.  After doing so, use the water to gargle and split it to the gutter.  Finally, keep the ladel upright to let the water flow to the land naturally until no water in the ladel.  This action shows the respect to the god and keep ourselves clean to visit the god.

Then, we pass through the small gate to get into the main shrine.  There are three main shrine in Aso shrine, the first shrine is for male gods and its shape of declaration is dragon; the second shrine is for female gods and its shape of declaration is flower; the last one is for both of them and its declaration is grapes.  What is special in Aso Shrine is that the approach to Aso Shrine is different from the normal one.  Normally, the approach is straight to the Shrine, but for Aso Shrine is sideway which stands for the welcome the deity of the volcano.
Few years before, there was a big earthquake which not only damaged Aso seriously, but also destroied Aso Shrine.  What is miracle and makes a mystry is that though Aso Shrine was damaged seriously and even some of the building is broken down, houses in the neighborhood did not hurt much.  Therefore, there came a mystry that the gods in the Aso Shrine absorbed the punishment and sacrifice for people.  Thus, people respect the god more than before.

According to what the guider said, the government of Aso will pay for rebuilting the shrine.  What is interesting is that if you donate more than 10,000 Japanese dollar, you can get a card of city owner with your name on it.  This donation activity has already attracted more than 10 billion dollars for the rebuil of the Shrine.  I think if Taiwanese government can make good use of our own civil property, we can be better than ever.  Before we leave Aso Shrine, we take a fortune slip for memory.  I get one for relationship, and my friend get 3 for looking out how good it will be in days to come.

Then, the guider takes us to the `Mizuki Stroll,` where is the main street for the Aso Shrine.  We walk along the street, and I was attracted by a stationery store which looks very hipster and high quality.  I can`t control but go into the store, and buying some hair accessories with kumamoto bear on it witch is so cute that I can`t stop myslef from having it.

After that, we go to visit another Shrine - Kokuzo Shrine - which is a little far from the downtown.  It is located on the mountain, its symbol is the huge tree - the Teno giant cedar.  Although the tree is blew down by a typhoon in 1991, local people preserved it and showed its preserved roots in the shrine to let others know how huge it is.  This giant cedar means more than religion, its kind of belief and its spirit is still being respect without doubt.  I have to say that while in front of the Teno giant cedar, I was thinking that how small human are and how fragile the life is.  This tree had been grown for more than 2,000 years, but just because of typhoone, it fell down.  That how will our life become?  That would be a question to find out.

約兩個小時半的車程到到達了道の駅/みちのえき Michi no eki,一下車看見來自法國的Frank先生到站迎接我們,他向我們大致介紹了我們實習的工作內容,以及帶我們去阿蘇火山博物館認識了那裡的溝口 千花小姐,他告訴我們待天氣好他會帶我們去騎馬,聽了真的開心極了!( ´∀`)
簡單的介紹大致的工作內容後我們就回青年旅社(ASO BASE BACK PACKER)休息啦!我覺得民宿很乾淨很棒,來往的人也都看起來非常的單純,真的非常推薦!到了夜晚,來自各國的大家聚在交誼廳說說笑笑的結束了第一天的夜晚!








因為附近有阿蘇火山的關係所以有許多的天然湧泉,走在這個商店街一路上你會看到很多商店家會在他們的店門口設立不同的水基(下面圖示)而且我覺得很特別的地方是,他們會命名每一個水基的名字!! 宮崎先生告訴我我可以直接喝這裡面的水,我的感想是... 「非常鮮甜耶!!」 (*゚∀゚)っ,有來這裡玩的人記得要嘗試看看喔!!!不用擔心水都非常的乾淨!

聽說這裡有一間馬肉店非常的好吃!如果有想嘗試看看的人也可以到這裡嚐嚐看味道,這裏還有一間甜點店叫做Aso cake shop裡面賣的泡芙也非常好吃喔!